Concrete Delight [100x20 in., 6 colours silkscreen, acrylic paint, chalk, 1 poster]

The most important aspect of the project was the process itself. Most of the piece was done by screen printing; right from the start I made the decision to work intuitively, constructing the visual content through repeated layering. The external expressive/intuitive aesthetic is offset by the text that was written and edited and re-edited over an extended period of time—attempting to fuse and blend drastically different modes of making and thinking on a singular plane.

I am attempting to challenge the viewers/readers to re-structure the text on their own terms through its pastiche-like narrative (parts of the text are concealed). If read in order, from left to right, top to bottom, the text although fragmented displays signs of continuity and unity; whereas the function and character of the piece changes if read in separate chunks and treated as autonomous passages.

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